Design Philosophy

We were founded on the idea of time beyond the individual, instead focusing on time shared between people, beyond borders, & across generations. To embed this idea into our work, we design each Oroboros Watch as a tribute to the elegance of Africa, the Middle East, & places across the globe that are unrepresented in luxury watch making but have had tremendous impact on the course of time. For us, places, people, & products are all best appreciated and distinguished through the expression of their intricacies. Just like in people, the most impressive details are appreciated, not from afar, but when you get close.

Instead of following current industry trends towards bland one-size-fits-all minimalism, we decided to bring vibrancy back to watch design. While still believing in the importance of simplicity, we bring subtle flair to our designs by introducing complex yet careful  guilloche decorating techniques established over decades in luxury watchmaking. 

We believe that the people we share our timepieces with, much like the people we share our time with, deserve the best. In turn, we look at each of our watches not only as a work of art, but a work of heart.

Product Philosophy

Our Community

From the beginning of our design phases until you have an Oroboros watch on your wrist, we keep our customers involved. We solicit feedback on initial ideas from our customers and brand supporters early on so that we bring products that they can love every time they wear them.

As a wearer of an Oroboros Watch, you place your trust in us. For that reason we offer free worldwide shipping on all products, a no questions asked return policy, and warranty on our products. We do this because, we do not want to just have customers who buy products, but customers who wear them with pride and who we can trust to help spread our products and vision to every corner of the globe.

Each of our watches is a message, and without our customers, it would be lost in translation. As are our biggest advocates, we keep you engaged in our happenings behind the scenes. We welcome you to join our community by signing up for our newsletter below